6mm x 6mm Mini Tact Switch/Button (HCSWIT0041)

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6mm x 6mm Mini Tact Switch/Button (HCSWIT0041)

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Measuring approximately 6x6x4.3mm, these switches have 2 pins (if you need a 4 pin switch, these are available here). The pin length of these is approximately 5.5mm. The rated load is 0.1A 12V (DC) with a contact resistance of <=0.03ohm.

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 4.3mm (L*W*H)
Button Diameter.:3.5mm
Pin Length: 5.5mm
Height: 4.3mm
Material:Plastic, Metal, Electric Parts
Colour: Black, Silver Tone

Electrical Characteristics
Rated Load: DC12V 0.1A
Contact Resistance :<=0.03Ω
Withstand Voltage :AC250 V (50Hz) /MIN
Actuation Force :1.3+-0.5N
Insulation Resistance :>=100MΩ
Temperature :-25°~+-85°C

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