Hammond 1551KBK ABS Enclosure (80x40x20) (HCCASE0011)

Soldering accessories, project boxes, keypads, battery holders etc.
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Hammond 1551KBK ABS Enclosure (80x40x20) (HCCASE0011)

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The Hammond 1551 Series of miniature general purpose electronic enclosures are ideally suited for mounting small printed circuit boards.

Ideally suited for mounting small printed circuit boards or used as potting boxes.
Satin textured finish ABS plastic.
2 PCB stand-offs moulded into interior.
Lap joint construction provides protection against ingress of dust and splashing water.
Assembled with 2 self-tapping screws, colour matched to enclosure.

Body Material: ABS
External Length: 80 mm
External Width: 40 mm
External Height: 20 mm
IP Rating: IP54
Colour: Black
Lid Colour: Black
Series: 1551

If you are looking for an enclosure for your edtracker, please see item HCCASE0010.

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