Arduino Project Handbook – LCD Screen Kit (HCAPHK0003)

Information and comments relating to our Arduino Project Handbook Kits which are derived from the Arduino Project Handbook written by Mark Geddes.
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Arduino Project Handbook – LCD Screen Kit (HCAPHK0003)

Post by admin » Fri Jul 04, 2014 10:54 am

Arduino Project Handbook – LCD Screen Kit


The LCD Screen kit utilises pages 124-145 of the Arduino Project Handbook.

The LCD screen kit includes:
  • 830 Point Solderless Breadboard
    4 x 220ohm Resistors
    Red 3mm LED
    Green 3mm LED
    Yellow 3mm LED
    Piezo Sounder
    Ultrasonic Module
    3x4 Keypad
    LM35 Temperature Sensor
    1602 Parallel LCD Module (required pin headers to be soldered on, these are included)
    Tilt Switch
Using this kit in conjunction with the book and base kit allows you to delve into the following projects contained in the book:
  • LCD Screen Introduction
    Digital Thermometer
    Weather Station
    Ultrasonic Range Finder
    Fortune Teller
    Reaction Timer Game
    Defusable Bomb Game

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