Emergency stop switch - 40mm (HCSWIT0067)

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Emergency stop switch - 40mm (HCSWIT0067)

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A large resettable emergency stop button. Made from ABS plastic this button has a large 40mm mushroom head to allow for fast actuation in emergency situations. Once pressed the switch will lock into its triggered position and can be reset by twisting the head a quarter turn in the clockwise direction. The switch has two independent sets of contacts, one normally open (green contacts) and one normally closed (red contacts), that will either make or break an electrical connection when the switch is triggered.


Product code: HCSWIT0067
Max contact voltage: 660V
Max contact current: 10A
Overall dimensions: 39.5mm x 39.5mm x 73mm
Mounting hole diameter: 22mm
Max Panel Thickness : Max 5mm

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