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CD74HC30E - NAND Gate (HCCOIC0057)

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:35 am
by admin

The CD74HC30E is a high speed CMOS logic 8-input NAND Gate. The device provides the system designer with the direct implementation of the positive logic 8-input NAND function. Logic gates utilize silicon gate CMOS technology to achieve operating speeds similar to LSTTL gates with the low power consumption of standard CMOS integrated circuits. This device have the ability to drive 10 LSTTL loads.

  • Buffered inputs
    Typical propagation delay 10ns at VCC = 5V, CL = 15pF, TA = 25°C
    Standard outputs - 10 LSTTL loads
    Bus driver outputs - 15 LSTTL loads
    Balanced propagation delay and transition times
    Significant power reduction compared to LSTTL logic ICs
    High noise immunity - NIL = 30%, NIH = 30% of VCC at VCC = 5V