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BF350-3AA Strain Gauge Sensor (HCSENS0037)

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:38 pm
by admin

A resistive strain gauge sensor with a 350 ohm nominal resistance which varies when a force is applied. By measuring the change in the sensors resistance a measurement of the force applied to it can be obtained. Note that strain gauges exhibit small changes in resistance and so this sensor should be used in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. If using with a microcontroller such as an Arduino we also recommend using our HX711 digital bridge sensor interface module (see SKU HCMODU0073). Alternatively, if only relative measurements are required please see our analogue strain gauge module (see SKU HCSENS0036) which includes this sensor and can be connected directly to a microcontrollers ADC input.


Nominal resistance(Ohm): 350
Tolerance: ±0.1%
Gauge factor: 2.00~2.20
Gauge factor resistance: ±1%
Strain limit: 2.0%
Fatigue life: >10
Metal foil: constantan alloy
Working temperature range: -30~+80℃
Temperature compensation: Aluminium(23)
Gauge Grid(mm) Dimensions(L x W): 3.2 x 3.06
Gauge Creep Code: M6 to O6

Example Application:


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