Ntc Thermistor Glass Shelled 100k mf58 (HCTHER0008)

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Ntc Thermistor Glass Shelled 100k mf58 (HCTHER0008)

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100K MF58 series in the form of axial glass encapsulated.

Product code: HCTHER0008
Resistance (25oC): 10K
Thermistor type: NTC
B value:
Thermistor diameter: 2mm
Thermistor length: 4mm
Leg diameter: 0.9mm

Good stability, high reliability.
Wide resistance range: 0.1~5000KΩ
High precision resistance and B value.
Glass encapsulated, can operate in high temperature and moisture environment.
Small dimension, solid, convenient for automatic installation.
Operating temperature range: -45 ~ +300
Fast heat induction, high sensitivity

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