Data Logger Bundle (HCKITS0035 & 36)

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Data Logger Bundle (HCKITS0035 & 36)

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One of the most common uses for microcontrollers is for interfacing to various sensors to monitor the world around you. With an Arduino board you can read the value from a temperature sensor and output it to a computer in a matter of minutes. But what if your Arduino and sensor needs to be remotely located and it isn’t practical for it to be tethered to a computer? One solution is to use a data logger.

We've put together two bundles to accompany our blog post “Logging Your Environment with an Arduino and a Data Logger Shield”, which you can view here: here.

The bundle is available with (HCKITS0036) or without (HCKITS0035) an Uno.

This kit comprises the following items:
Data Logger Shield
LM35 Temperature Sensor
SD Card
Male to Female Dupont Cable
(HCKITS0036 also includes a Hobby Components R3 Uno).

Order the kit without the Uno here.

Order the kit with an Uno here.

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