Yanza Compatible "Energy" Monitoring Kit (HCKITS0020)

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Yanza Compatible "Energy" Monitoring Kit (HCKITS0020)

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We've worked with Yanza to put together this specially created kit of parts allowing you to build you own Yanza compatible "energy" monitor.

What is Yanza?

Yanza is an open source social project to help yourself to save energy at home. The concept is very simple, turn your thermostat down by 1 degree °C and save 10% on your heating bill. The problem is the motivation to keep it turned down! The Yanza Energy Saver is a DIY monitor which sends your home's temperature to the internet every minute. You then look at your home's 'energy' graph on the Yanza website, and take control of how much energy you want to save. Simples! Instead of buying an energy monitor, or waiting for one to turn up in the post, with Yanza you make your own. Using the massively successful Arduino open source hardware, you can get your home on the Internet of Things in under an hour.

This project in beta but is currently open for testing. At the moment you are able to remotely monitor room temperature but it is hoped that as the project becomes more popular additional features will be added.

Kits Contents:
1x Arduino Compatible Uno
1x Arduno Compatible Ethernet shield
1x TMP36 temperature sensor
1x 3 way 20CM dupont cable
1x 0.5M Ethernet patch cable
1x 6mm heat-shrink
1x 9V/1A UK mains adaptor

For more information about the Yanza opensource project and a guide on using this kit please go to http://Yanza.com

Disclaimer: The Yanza open source project is a separate organisation to Hobby Components Ltd. Technical support for the Yanza project should be directed to Yanza.com or the Yanza community. Technical support for the hardware components within this kit should be directed at Hobby Components Ltd. This kit is a kit of parts that is compatible with the Yanza project and Hobby Components Ltd is not responsible for current and future functionality/reliability of the Yanza project.

Order Yours Here.

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