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F05102 N20 Micro Geared Motor with Wheel (HCROBO0031)

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:53 pm
by admin

This N20 micro geared motor comes complete with a purpose designed friction fit wheel. Dimensions for which can be seen below. The motor itself is a 6V motor with a built-it metal gearbox and together has a rotational speed of 60 RPM (no load), and a load RPM of 48. These are used in our Maze Runner robot car (HCROBO0052) and have a nice high build quality feel to them. Full specifications can be seen below.

Volts: 6
No Load RPM: 60
On Load RPM: 48
Torque 1.0
Rated mA: 120
Stall Torque: 7
Stall mA: 200
Ratio: 250

Wheel Dimensions


Motor Dimensions


Motor Bracket Dimensions


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