Minebea Hybrid Nema 17 stepper motor (HCROBO0030)

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Minebea Hybrid Nema 17 stepper motor (HCROBO0030)

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These motors rotate at fixed angles by using digitally controlled electronic pulses. Hybrid-type stepping motors combine a rotor with a permanent magnet and a magnetic body using ball bearings. Bearings are crucial to motor precision. Minebea's hybrid type stepping motors use high-precision ball bearings manufactured in-house, greatly contributing to the precision and reliability of these products.

The Minebea hybrid stepper motor is similar in design to the Nema 17 specification, making it ideal for use in robotics, 3D printers and CNC applications.

Stepper motor Model: 17PU-K351
Stepper motor specifications: 42 x 42mm
Stepper motor body Height: 35mm
Stepper motor height including shaft: 51mm
Output shaft: 5 MM
Weight: 308 g

There are two versions of colour coding for the wires (cable has blue wire):
Red A +
Yellow A-
Green B +
White B-
Black and Blue 2-wire floating not connected
Alternate colour coding (cable has orange wire):
Green A +
Yellow A-
White B +
Black B-
Orange and red 2-wire floating not connected

Step Angle: 1.8° (1 turn 200 steps)
Resistance: 3.1 Ohm
Rated Current: 1A
Holding Torque: 200mNm

Supplied Gear:

Teeth: 16
Diameter: 8.9mm

Supplied Mounting plate:

Mounting hole centre distance: 43.5mm
Mounting hole diameter: M3



The above example demonstrates driving this stepper motor using an Arduino Uno and driver board. A library and sketch for the above example can be found in the software section of our support forum here:
http://forum.hobbycomponents.com/viewto ... =58&t=1870

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