Micro coreless 6mm x 14mm motor (HCROBO0027)

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Micro coreless 6mm x 14mm motor (HCROBO0027)

Post by admin » Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:09 pm


Micro coreless 6mm x 14mm motor. Capable of rotating at speeds of up to 35000RPM. Suited for RC and miniature robotic applications. Please see item HCROBO0023 for a suitable propeller.

Model number: HCROBO0027
Current (3.7V no load): ~0.1A
Current (stall): 1A
Housing size: 6mm * 14mm
Max voltage: 3.7 V
Max RPM: 35000
Output shaft: 0.8mm
Output shaft length: 4.5mm

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