Nidec 42 Series Servo Hybrid Stepper Motor (HCROBO0017)

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Nidec 42 Series Servo Hybrid Stepper Motor (HCROBO0017)

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This Nidec Servo KH42 series is a high torque, low vibration and low noise uni-polar hybrid stepper motor. Its nema 17 compatible dimensions together with its 1.8 degree step angle make it ideal for use in applications such as robotics and 3D printing.

Model: KH42JM2-221
Step angle: 1.8 Degrees
Size: 42mm sq
Thickness: 40mm
Holding torque: 336 mN-m
Winding resistance: ~5.5 Ohms/phase
Current: 0.88 Amps/phase
Voltage: 4.4V (this is not max supply voltage)

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