Hexapod4 18 DOF six leg robotic spider frame (HCROBO0028)

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Hexapod4 18 DOF six leg robotic spider frame (HCROBO0028)

Post by admin » Wed Oct 01, 2014 2:03 pm


This six legged robot spider chassis is designed to be used with our SG90 9g micro servo (HCROBO0005). Each leg supports a total of 3 servos which allows the legs a full 18 degrees of freedom meaning the completed robot will be able to walk, crab, turn and even climb over small obstacles. The kit comes supplied with a total of 25 black acrylic plastic parts and fixing screws.

Kit includes the following items:
Above picture shows acrylic perspex parts with protective brown coating. Actual colour or parts is black. The protective coating should be pealed off before construction.

- 18 DOF, flexible control
- Light weight, 308g (with servo)
- Acrylic laser cut
- Uses high performance 9g servo (not included)
- Supplied with cable tidy and fixing screws + servo mounting screws not normally supplied with kit.
- Size: 13.3(L)*20(W)*8.5(H)cm

Example: Hexapod with Arduino Uno (HCARDU0090) and V5 Sensor shield (HCARDU0009)

Example: Hexapod with Arduino Mega (HCARDU0092) and V2 Mega Shield (HCARDU0077)
Please note modifications & additional components may be required depending on hardware used. It is recommended that you check the ability of your controller and power supply to drive all the servos required for this kit.

Can I control this with an Arduino?
Yes it is possible to directly control this robot with most Arduino boards but we recommend using a Mega (HCARDU0092) as you will need 18 digital pins to individually control all the servos. Also see our V2 Mega shield (HCARDU0077) for convenient connection and powering of the servos. You will also be able to use the existing software servo library available on the official Arduino website with the Mega to control all 18 servos.

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Re: Hexapod4 18 DOF six leg robotic spider frame (HCROBO0028

Post by Dmatkin75 » Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:25 pm

Is there a set of instructions anywhere? Just not 100% confident on which screws to use where.

Thanks for your time


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Re: Hexapod4 18 DOF six leg robotic spider frame (HCROBO0028

Post by andrew » Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:56 pm

The manufacturer doesn't provide instructions but you can reference the pictures in this thread to give you an idea of how it all goes together. Note that sometimes the manufacturer will provide spare parts with the kit. You can use the following screws/nuts provided in the kit as follows:

For all attachments to the servo arms use the screws provided with the servos. Remember to use one of the small screws that come with the servos to secure the white servo arm to the servo's shaft.

For the 6 servos at the outer end of the legs use 2x M2 bolts and nuts per servo to attach the servo tabs to the end leg segment.

For the middle six servos use four of the larger M3 nuts and bolts to clamp the servo to the middle leg segment.

For the 6 servos that attach to the main chassis use 2 of the M2 nuts and bolts per servo to secure the servo tabs to the chassis.
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