USBASP AVR programmer + Adaptor (HCDVBD0031)

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Re: USBASP AVR programmer + Adaptor (HCDVBD0031)

Post by andrew » Fri May 15, 2020 8:42 am

Out of interest, along the way of looking for any clues, I found mention of the firmware being "v 1.5", rather than the now old originals (up to v1,4). I see that you report that there is updated FW on these, would that be simular things?
They are currently shipped with V1.4 which is the latest official version. I'm not aware of a V1.5 and if it exists then my guess is it's an unofficial version or beta.

is that why there is no jumper for that installed ?
Although there are no header pins fitted to jumper J3 it is still functional. Shorting the pads together will slow down the clock rate

Would the "ISPtiny" have been a better choice?
Not really unless you have a compelling reason to use the USBisp over the asp.

I now beleive that this is a case of it being a 1MHz factory clock rate - so that brings me back to the question about getting around slow clocks (I used to have the jumper option on my homemade original)

You shouldn't need to slow the programming clock rate down to program an ATMega328. Just do the follow steps via the Arduino IDE to burn the bootloader:

1) Connect the UASBasp to your Uno or ATMega328

2) Select tools->Board->Arduino/Genuino Uno

3) Select tools->programmer->UASBasp

4) Select tools->Burn bootloader

It will then just burn the Uno bootloader into your device. It's really that simple.

... this was successful in that the blink went in OK ... and the boot loaded went out ... hey-ho. I will have to stick that back in as a second proof of programming.
Using the Arduino IDE you can only program the bootloader or a sketch at any one time. Remember it blanks the chip first and so will wipe anything you had previously programmed. So if you burn the bootloader you will have no sketch and if you burn a sketch you will have no bootloader. To get both you have to burn the bootloader fist using the USBasp then upload a sketch in the normal way using the devices serial interface.

TBH if you're using the USBasp to upload sketches then there's no point in having the bootloader as it only takes up space and takes longer for the device to restart after a reset.

Presumably the fuses get done too ???
Yes the Arduino IDE actually uses AVRdude in the background to do the programming. The fuse settings are passed to AVRdude via the command line.
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Re: USBASP AVR programmer + Adaptor (HCDVBD0031)

Post by AlanF » Fri May 15, 2020 8:21 pm

Wow. Thanks for all of that reply ... I now feel very guilty for being so needy ...

Wonderful service!

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Re: USBASP AVR programmer + Adaptor (HCDVBD0031)

Post by AlanF » Fri May 15, 2020 9:13 pm

Just as a confirmation.

I tried to stick a boot-loader onto a factory-fresh (1MHz) 328p, just as an exercise- it threw the " no reply" thing
I then put a jumper-link into the vacant JP3 position, tried the same - all went well (no errors thrown, anyway)
I used the usual usb input to the UNO (ish) to upload a "Blink" to prove if it was there, or not. It worked as expected.

I will now leave it with that option, and cut a hole in the small case I printed.

Again, I thank you for your patience.

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Re: USBASP AVR programmer + Adaptor (HCDVBD0031)

Post by jack50n » Fri Nov 27, 2020 6:10 pm


Can anyone tell me if this usbasp supports the 328pb variant?

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