USBASP AVR programmer + Adaptor (HCDVBD0031)

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Re: USBASP AVR programmer + Adaptor (HCDVBD0031)

Post by andrew » Tue Mar 29, 2022 2:12 pm

I've just given your command a try with an ATMega328 and although I do get the same warning I don't get the error and seems to be talking to the device OK.

The 'initialization failed, rc=-1' error is a common generic error and just means 'I can't talk to the device for some reason'. This is normally caused by a physical issue like an incorrect or bad connection to your target device. I'd advise double checking your connections.

I assume you're using the 10 to 6 pin adapter to program it via the Nanos ICSP header? Are you sure you have it connected in the correct orientation?
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Re: USBASP AVR programmer + Adaptor (HCDVBD0031)

Post by sdcandy » Wed Mar 30, 2022 7:20 am

Hi Andrew,

I was using the 10 to 6 pin adapter. It was orientated the correct way (I tried it in both to be sure) but it seems to have been the issue. I have replaced it with a bunch of wires and am now happily programming the Nano.

Next time I have the soldering iron turned on I'm going to touch all the joints to make sure there isn't a bad connection.


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