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7 - 12V Electromechanical lock (HCSECU0001)

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:02 pm
by admin

This item is an electrically operated fail secure latch type lock. It uses a solenoid (electromagnetic) design to electro-mechanically pull the bolt inwards (unlocked position) when power is supplied to the lock. A compression spring will return the bolt to the locked position when power is removed.

Hobby components notes: Unlock time should not exceed 10 seconds otherwise there is a risk of burning out the solenoid.

Product code: HCSECU0001
Operating voltage (min): 7V
Operating voltage (Max): 12V
Operating current: 800mA at 12V
Rated power: 9.6W
Latch type: Fail secure
Max unlock time: 10 seconds.


Arduino Example:


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