CH340 USB to serial TTL adapter With 5/3V jumper (HCMODU0239)

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CH340 USB to serial TTL adapter With 5/3V jumper (HCMODU0239)

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A CH340 based USB to serial TTL adapter. This module makes use of the common CH340 USB interface IC to provide a low cost alternative to the FTDI adapter. It also has the additional feature of being able to select 3.3V*/5V TTL levels by linking the VCC pin to either the 3.3V pin or 5V pin using the supplied jumper.

Note: This module is not suitable for use with ESP modules. Please see alternative item HCMODU0076 instead.


1….5V (USB)
2….VCC (Input, connect to 5V or 3V3 pin via jumper)
3….3V3 (*measured at 3.67V)

USB Drivers:

Most modern operating systems (Windows/OSX/Linux) will support the CH340 via their automatic driver install process so in most cases adding driver support for this development board should be a simple case of plugging the board into your computer. However, if your OS does not automatically install a driver the appropriate driver can be downloaded from below:

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