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DC-DC 2A Step Down Module With LCD & Case (HCMODU0110)

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:59 am
by admin

This small DC to DC step down voltage converter is capable of supplying load currents of up to 2A. It has a wide input and output voltage operating range of 5V to 23V input and 0.5V to 16.5V output. The module includes a back-lit LCD display which will show the current output voltage and current. Two buttons allow for setting the output voltage in small ~0.04V increments/decrements. Additionally this module comes with a clear acrylic protective case.

Hobby components notes: Please note that the LCD includes a battery charge icon which is not implemented on this module. Input voltage must be a minimum of 2V above the required output voltage.



Product code: HCMODU0110
Input Voltage: 5 to 23V
Output voltage: 0.5 to 16.5V
Max output current (continious): 2A (see table)
Conversion efficiency (Vin=5.0V, Vout=3V Iload=1A): 84%
Load regulation (Vin=5.0V, Vout=3V Iload=1A): 3.8%
Dimensions (module): 50mm x 31mm x 14mm
Dimensions (case): 62mm x 43.3mm x 18.3mm



Tip: Construct the case with the top section facing downwards.

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