LM2596 DC-DC Step-down PSU with voltage meter (HCMODU0106)

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LM2596 DC-DC Step-down PSU with voltage meter (HCMODU0106)

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This version of LM2596 DC-DC step-down (buck) power supply module includes the very useful addition of an integrated digital voltage meter. The voltage meter is capable of sensing both input and output supply voltages and can be quickly switched between the two by pressing a voltage selection button on the module. Together with its high precision multi-turn potentiometer this means any desired output voltage within its supply range can be set without the need for an external voltage meter. The module also boasts a very high operating range with a DC input supply range of 4 - 35V and an adjustable output range of 1.3 - 35V. In addition to its voltage range it has a high output current capability of up to 2A (see notes below). Connection to the module is provided with the option of both input and output screw terminals or large solderable pads if a more permanent connection is required.



Product Code: HCMODU0106
Output Voltage: Continuous Adjustable (1.3v-35 V)
Maximum Output Current: 2A*
Voltmeter Resolution: ±0.1V
Voltmeter Digital Display Range: 0v-45v
Voltmeter Input Voltage Range: Dc 4v-40v
Size :66 * 36mm

Notes: Maximum current is dependent on input and output voltages, ambient temperature and cooling. To achieve maximum ratings an external heatsink may be required. Maximum LM2596 operating temperature must not exceed 125oC otherwise permanent thermal damage can occur.


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