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Arduino DIO13 Advisory

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:22 am
by admin
Please be aware that when connecting LED’s to DIO 13 on our range of Arduino compatible development boards, that a suitable current limiting resistor MUST also be placed in series with the LED.

On occasion we are in receipt of returns of Arduino boards that have symptoms of a damaged DIO cell. After investigation we have found that this has been caused by users being incorrectly informed by out-of-date third party documentation that they can connect an LED directly to DIO13 without a current limiting resistor.

Where this was the case for boards based on Arduino reference designs pre-2011 spec, designs based on the 2001 and R3 specification NO LONGER INCLUDE this current limiting resistor.

Connecting an LED without a current limiting resistor, or directly shorting this pin to ground, will cause irreparable damage to its DIO cell. This is also the case with any other DIO pins on these boards and our other development boards.

Hobby Components considers damage caused in this way as misuse and unfortunately cannot issue refunds or replacements for boards exhibiting this fault. We advise you to use caution when using out-of-date documentation (Books, guides, forum postings etc.) with Arduino boards based on newer reference designs.