Anvil AV-DSI Electric Desolder Iron/Sucker (HCTOOL0020)

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Anvil AV-DSI Electric Desolder Iron/Sucker (HCTOOL0020)

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This electric desoldering iron melts and removes solder quickly and easily.

It replaces the conventional method of desoldering components, by combining a desolder pump and a 40W/230V mains powered soldering iron into one easy to use tool.

To operate, the plunger is pressed down until it locks, the iron tip is applied to the solder joint, the plunger is then released, sucking the molten solder from the joint.

Power approx. 40W
Suitable for lead and lead-free solder
Vacuum pump can be operated with one hand
Fitted long life tip
For best results allow to warm up for approx. 10 minutes before use
Complete with 1.5m of mains cable and 13A UK mains plug fused at 3A

The soldering iron may give off non-hazardous fumes for approximately 30 minutes on first use. Once used, the chamber will discolour, this is completely normal.

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