Portable USB Powered 5V 8W Soldering Iron (HCTOOL0014)

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Portable USB Powered 5V 8W Soldering Iron (HCTOOL0014)

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This USB powered soldering iron is compact and surprisingly capable! Despite its relatively low power it heats up and seconds and in our test it showed no trouble handling small to medium sized soldering jobs (we don't recommend using it for large soldering jobs). However its low power requirements gives it an incredibly useful feature in that it can be powered from a USB charger USB 3.0 port (see below). This together with its very compact size makes it incredibly handy as a portable iron or for when you just to do some quick soldering.

It's great for hobbyists and it's rapid heating/cooling means it works quickly and efficiently. The iron comes with a small tip attached, so it's great for SMD soldering. The tip can be covered when not in use with the protective cap, which simply pushes on / pulls off. A touch sensor on the handle will turn the iron on and a built in "idle-time" shut off of 25 seconds (see note below) will shut the iron off if you let go (just in case you forget to turn it off!).

Please note: When used with certain types of USB chargers the auto shut off feature may not function. Your USB port/charger must be capable of supplying a minimum of 1.5A. If using a USB port on your computer/laptop this will need to be a USB 3.0 port with battery charging capability.

Heating time: <15 Seconds
Cooling time: <30 Seconds
Automatic Idle Shut-off Time: 25 Seconds (see note)
LED Indicator
Power: 5V DC / 8W (~7W measured)
Current (heater on): ~1.4A
Total Length: ~16cm
Product Code: HCTOOL0014

Package Contents:
1 x USB Soldering Iron
1 x USB Power Cable
1 x Metal Stand
1 x Small Coil of Solder

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