Arduino Project Handbook – Motors Kit (HCAPHK0006)

Information and comments relating to our Arduino Project Handbook Kits which are derived from the Arduino Project Handbook written by Mark Geddes.
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Arduino Project Handbook – Motors Kit (HCAPHK0006)

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Arduino Project Handbook – Motors Kit

The Motors kit utilises pages 78 - 92 of the Arduino Project Handbook.

The motors kit includes:
  • 4 x 220ohm Resistors
    1 x 10K ohm Resistor
    Red 3mm LED
    Green 3mm LED
    Yellow 3mm LED
    Piezo Sounder
    2 x SG90 Servos
    Photo Resistor
    Joystick Module
    Tilt/Pan Housing
    Stepper Motor and Controller Board
    2 x TIP120 Transistors
    Ultrasonic Module
    2 x 1N4004 Diode
    130 Motor
    1K Resistor
    20-way Male to Female DuPont Cable
    Battery Clip
Using this kit in conjunction with the book and base kit allows you to delve into the following projects contained in the book:
  • Analogue Dial
    Secret Knock Lock
    Joystick Controlled Laser
    Stepper Motor
    DC Motor and Potentiometer
    Intruder Tracker

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