Crius MultiWii Power Distribution Board (HCRECO0003)

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Crius MultiWii Power Distribution Board (HCRECO0003)

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This PCB is designed to provide an easy and tidy means of distributing the power from a LiPo battery to multiple (up to 8) electronic speed controllers used in multi-rotor RC systems. With its ring and wide track distribution system this board will distribute the high currents demanded by ESC's and brushless motors. Large pads provide secure solder points for wires or connectors. The board also provides a very useful function of being able to adapt the smaller 35mm mounting flight controller boards to fit 45mm mounting hole multi-rotor frames. This board is ideally suited for the Crius SE 2.5 flight controller board (HCRECO0001).

You can purchase this item here.


Board Size: 50mm x 50mm
Outer mounting holes: 45mm x 45mm (hole centres)
Inner mounting holes: 35mm x 35mm (hole centres)

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