Help with lights in model boat please

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Help with lights in model boat please

Post by popski » Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:14 am

Hi all

I am currently building a huge model of the ship the bismark, I want to put led lights inside the ship, mainly where the portholes are and for navigation lights. I want to use something where I can utilise a wireless key fob to a circuit board where the leds will be attached to so that I can switch the lights on and off from across a room.

I am not the greatest electrical person in the world but I am grasping leds and resistors ect and am adapting a 12v battery to run everything. Can anyone advise please if there is something on the site that would meet what I want to do.

Many thanks for any help


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Re: Help with lights in model boat please

Post by andrew » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:37 am

Hi Terry,

We do sell a couple of wireless transmitter/receiver products that use a key fob for the transmitter (e.g. ... ith-remote), however these work in a way that their outputs are only triggered whilst the button on the fob is pressed. So in your case the LEDs would only illuminate whilst you hold down the button. Unfortunately we don't have any 'off the shelf' solution for this. You would either need to find something similar that provided a latching ON/OFF output, or would need to create an additional (bistable) latching circuit to attach to the output of one of our products which sound like it's not a viable solution for you?
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