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CNC Project using UNO R3 and Adafruit shield L293D

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:05 am
by bobheruela
Hi, to all I have started a CNC project using UNO R3 and Adafruit Shield L293D.

Here is my equipment:

Arduino UNO R3
Adafruit shield Motor L293D
Stepper Motor NEMA 17, 5 - 12 Vdc
Stepper Motor 0404A 24.2 V dc
External PWR supply 24 Vdc

Software used:

Arduino 1.6.11
Grbl 0.9j
Universal Gcode Sender 1.0.9


When I used the arduino multiple stepper testing from the arduino library, the 2 motors is working fine. But when I used the Universal Gcode Sender, motor is not responding at all. Everything is working fine from Arduino to Grbl.

Please see attached file.