Microduino Core Atmega328P (5V) (HCMIDU0001)

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Microduino Core Atmega328P (5V) (HCMIDU0001)

Post by admin » Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:03 pm

Example Microduino stack consisting of a Microduino Core board, RS232 and ethernet module.


Microduino-Core which is based on Atmel ATmega328P as the core of the core 8-bit microcontroller development board, is an open source architecture, compatible with Arduino UNO controller module.

Microduino-core is characterised by the following features:
Using the U-27pin Microduino interface specification, with many interface-compatible peripheral modules and sensors.

The USB serial interface has been split into a serperate module which can be stacked on top of the Microduino Core board allowing the core board to obtain its tiny footprint. Length 25.4mm X Width 27.94mm

The lightweight design gives the Microduino format advantages on size and cost when compared to a standard Arduino Uno.

Microduino is fully compatible with the Arduino development environment (requires extension - see attached file).

Model: Microduino Core Atmega328P
Flash: 16M
Opperating Voltage: 5V
Clock Frequency: 16MHz


Small, cheap, stackable.

Open source hardware circuit design, compatible with the Arduino development environment programming process.

Just like and Arduino board, sketches can simply be downloaded into the Microduino using a standard ISP download cable, or by USB cable via the addion of the RS232 interface board.

Unified Microduino interface specification, allowing and rich range of peripheral modules to be 'stacked' onto the the Core board for easy expansion.


Digital I / O digital input / output of 0 ~ 13, A0 ~ A5.
In Microduino-Core, labeled RX0, TX1, D2 ~ D13, A0 ~ A5, 20 ports for the digital input and output ports.
Analogue I / O analogue input ports of A0 ~ A7.
Microduino-Core with 8 analog inputs, respectively A0-A7, each providing a 10-bit resolution (ie 1024 different values).
Support for six channel PWM output ports, respectively, 3,5,6,9,10 and 11
ISP downloads.
MCU TX / RX terminals.
AREF pin.
IIC interface, SDA (A4), SCL (A5).
Two external interrupts, respectively, D2, D3

Microduino-Core Pinout:


Microduino Core Schematic:
Microduino Core PCB Layout:


Arduino SDK Hardware extensions:

Download the attached file and unzip it, and cop it (including the parent Microduino folder) to your Arduino\hardware folder.
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Re: Microduino Core Atmega328P (5V) (HCMIDU0001)

Post by ebt » Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:25 am

presumably you can upload the sketch over the USB daughterboard, then unplug this board and just execute the code on the microduino?

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Re: Microduino Core Atmega328P (5V) (HCMIDU0001)

Post by andrew » Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:54 pm

Yes that's right. You can use the FT232RL Serial to USB interface (HCMIDU0003) to program this board directly from the Arduino development environment. You can of course just use a standard USB to TTL serial adapter if you have one, although that method is a little more fiddly.
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