An audio player with an Arduino

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An audio player with an Arduino

Post by madnerd » Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:58 pm

I wanted to make an audio player using an arduino but I didn't have an microsd card reader or an mp3 decoder chip.
I managed to make one, using an micro sd adapter and wav files (8bits/8000hz)

Of course, the audio quality is bad, and the arduino can only read the wav files, but this gives an nice retro charm to it.


Direct Download for code/documentation :
You can see/modify this project here :

The video/code/documentation is open source (MIT//CC Attribution) so feel free to reuse it!

Next time, we will see how to make a gps logger! So don't forget to subscribe to my channel !

SD card works in 3V! Use an arduino mini pro 3V to do this project!
For more tutorials :

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