4x4x4 Version 2 LED Cube kit Build Guide

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4x4x4 Version 2 LED Cube kit Build Guide

Post by admin » Mon Nov 29, 2021 11:30 am


LED light cubes are a hugely popular and fun project and with this kit you will have all the parts to build your very own 64 LED cube. The kit has been specifically designed to be easy to build and includes only through-hole components so that even someone with basic soldering skills, a soldering iron and a few simple tools can build it. It comes pre-flashed with 13 animations so is ready to go as soon as its all been soldered together

For Arduino users this kit is also Arduino compatible and together with our free Arduino library you can write and upload your own cube animations (requires the Arduino IDE and a USB to serial adapter to upload sketches).

This is version 2 of the kit that includes the following changes:

* Much bigger measuring 83x83x110mm when fully built
* DC socket with USB to DC Jack cable replaces serial cable for powering directly from a 5V USB adapter
* ICs are now socketed
* Bigger PCB with more spacing between components to easier construction
* Optional LED template PCB to make constructing the LED cube easier
* Now available with cube LEDs in blue, red, white, green, and pink
* Base LEDs are now controllable

The kit is available with 5 different LED colour versions:

64 x 3mm BLUE LEDs (HCKITS0070)
64 x 3mm WHITE LEDs (HCKITS0071)
64 x 3mm RED LEDs (HCKITS0072)
64 x 3mm GREEN LEDs (HCKITS0073)
64 x 3mm PINK LEDs (HCKITS074)


What you get in the kit:


QTY 		Description
1x		Version 2 4x4x4 Cube Kit PCB
16x 		180 Ohm resistors (BRN, GRY,  BLK, BLK, BRN)
2x 		220 Ohm resistors (RED, RED, BLK, BLK, BRN)
1x 		10K Ohm resistor (BRN, BLK, BLK, RED, BRN)
3x 		100nF ceramic capacitor (marked 104)
1x 		470nF ceramic capacitor (marked 474)
1x 		SR1100 Diode
1x 		28 pin IC socket
1x 		18 pin IC socket
1x 		ULN2003 18 pin IC
1x 		ATMega328 28 pin IC
1x 		Push button
1x 		2.1mm DC socket
1x 		5 Pin right-angled header (may be supplied as a 40 pin breakable strip)
20 		(+ spares) Male to female sockets (supplied as a 40 pin breakable strip)
4x 		5mm white LEDs
64x		(+ spares) 3mm LEDs 
25cm 	Solid core wire
1x  		USB to 2.1mm DC cable

Required items (not included in the kit)

A soldering iron + solder
A small pair of snips or side cutters for trimming component leads
A 5V USB adaptor for powering the cube (500mA or greater)

Recommended items (not included in the kit)

A pair of long nose pliers for bending LED legs
Version 2 4x4x4 cube template PCB (HCPROT0101)


Version 2 cube kit build guide in PDF form:

https://hobbycomponents.com/downloads/4 ... _Guide.pdf

Files for making your own cube template:

Hole template
https://hobbycomponents.com/downloads/4 ... mplate.pdf

Silk screen
https://hobbycomponents.com/downloads/4 ... e_Silk.pdf

Arduino compatible library for creating your own sketches:

Disclaimer: Libraries, example code, and diagrams within this forum thread are provided as an additional free service by Hobby Components and are not sold as part of any product. We do not provide any guarantees or warranties as to their accuracy or fitness for purpose.

Descriptions and diagrams on this page are copyright Hobby Components Ltd and may not be reproduced without permission.

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Re: 4x4x4 Version 2 LED Cube kit Build Guide

Post by ILYBTodd » Wed Jan 19, 2022 1:51 am

I have built two of the V2 kits already after building 5 V1 kits and one of the 8x8x8 provided by HC and love the outcome. The upgrades to this design are much appreciated and have resulted in two perfect launches without need for any tweeking or adjustments. Nice addition to the patterns as well.

The larger format is very appealing and the incorporation of sockets for the ICs is a good upgrade.

I recommend the template to hold the LEDs during assembly. Because of the increased spacing, paying extra attention to the LED leg bending process is a must. Placing the "short" leg on top of the LED to the left and the "Long" leg beside the LED toward the base will help to get enough clearance between legs and provide enough overlap to solder effectively. I'll try to send pictures showing the technique using the extra LEDs supplied.

It is important to bend the Long leg as tight to the LED as possible without damaging it. Bend the Short leg between the thick part of the leg (whatever it's called) and the LED to insure it reaches the LED to its left in the template. I used fine point needle nose pliers.

Soldering the Long leg to the side of the mating Long leg increases the clearance between it and the Short leg from the LED to the right minimizing the chance of a short circuit. (See photo)
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