Coloured Breadboard Style Prototyping PCBs (HCPROT0069 & 67)

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Coloured Breadboard Style Prototyping PCBs (HCPROT0069 & 67)

Post by admin » Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:55 pm


Want to show off your prototype in style? Then start with our snazzy alternatives to the boring old prototyping board. Available in 6 different colours (black, white, red, yellow, green & blue) and in two different sizes (50x50mm & 100x50mm). Not only will they help show off your project, but we have also designed them to be in the style of a standard breadboard. This means that you can go from your breadboard design to a more permanent PCB solution without changing your layout. Finished in a coloured solder resistant coating with silk screen print they have a much higher quality feel to standard strip board. Four 3mm mounting holes provide a convenient way of mounting your completed design.


Product code (50x50mm Black): HCPROT0069_BLK
Product code (50x50mm White): HCPROT0069_WHT
Product code (50x50mm Red): HCPROT0069_RED
Product code (50x50mm Yellow): HCPROT0069_YEL
Product code (50x50mm Green): HCPROT0069_GRN
Product code (50x50mm Blue): HCPROT0069_BLU

Product code (100x50mm Black): HCPROT0067_BLK
Product code (100x50mm White): HCPROT0067_WHT
Product code (100x50mm Red): HCPROT0067_RED
Product code (100x50mm Yellow): HCPROT0067_YEL
Product code (100x50mm Green): HCPROT0067_GRN
Product code (100x50mm Blue): HCPROT0067_BLU

Dimensions (HCPROT0069): 50mm x 50mm x 1.6mm
Dimensions (HCPROT0067): 500mm x 50mm x 1.6mm

Number of holes (HCPROT0069): 326
Number of holes (HCPROT0067): 668

Number of power rails: 6

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