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Hobby Components breakout shield (HCARDU0110)

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:59 am
by admin

The Hobby Components breakout shield is a quick and low cost way to add extra pin access to the standard headers provided on Arduino development boards. Using this breakout shield you can connect up to 3 (see notes below) additional devices to each I/O pin of your Arduino and it also breaks out the power and GND pins for powering multiple modules and circuits. Compatible with any Arduino board that includes the standard Arduino headers - e.g. Uno, Leonardo, Mega.


Please note:
This item is supplied in kit form and requires soldering.
When using this expansion shield to drive more than one circuit from the output of an Arduino pin do not exceed the maximum current sink or source capacity of the Arduinos digital output pin.
DO NOT use this expansion shield to connect more than one digital signal to the input of an Arduino pin.


Kit contents:
1x Breakout PCB
1x 10 pin male to female header
2x 8 pin male to female headers
1x 6 pin male to female header
3x 40 pin breakable male to male headers


Can the breakout board be used in conjunction with other Arduino shields?

This shield can be plugged on to the top of any shield which includes the standard Arduino headers. It can also be inserted between a shield and the Arduino development board so long as the shield does not require access to the Arduinos 6 pin ICSP header.

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