Sonoff T1 UK Light Switch (HCSONO0004 - 6)

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Sonoff T1 UK Light Switch (HCSONO0004 - 6)

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The Sonoff T1 ESP8266 based UK Wall Touch Switch series are 1-3 gang 86 type touch/App/ RF controlled luxury smart light switches. The wireless wall switch can be added to iOS/Android App eWeLink via WiFi, allowing users to remotely turn on/off connected lights or appliances separately from anywhere at any time. Upgrade your home to an elegant smart home, controlling it from anywhere, anytime!

Please note: This device requires connection to a mains power supply. You should not attempt to install this product yourself if you are unfamiliar with how to safely wire an electrical device to a mains electrical circuit. Always isolate mains power before attempting to connect this product.

The T1 should be powered up through Live and Neutral wires. Some houses don't have Neutral wires at the wall switch.

Optional 433MHz remote control is supplied seperatly

Product Codes:
HCSOCO0004: 1 Gang
HCSONO0005: 2 Gang
HCSONO0006: 3 Gang

With the App eWeLink, you can create scheduled/countdown timers to auto-turn on/off devices at specified times. You can also create scenes to turn on/off all the devices in your house with one tap. The smart wall switch works perfectly with Amazon Alexa.

Works With Amazon Alexa
Standard voice control commands for Sonoff T1 (if you just say the device name, Alexa will turn on/off all the 4 gangs immediately):

Alexa, turn on {deviceName}
Alexa, turn off {deviceName}

Alexa, turn on {deviceName} {gangName}
Alexa, turn off {deviceName} {gangName}

So, if the device name of your Sonoff T1 3 Gang switch is "My Switch", the gang name is "Gang 1", you can control by saying "Alexa, turn on My Switch Gang 1".

Touch ON/OFF
App Remote ON/OFF
433MHz RF Remote ON/OFF (requires separate remote control)
Scheduled/Countdown Timers
Works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap
Works with Google Home, Google Nest
Works with IFTTT

Power Supply: 90V-250V AC
Max. Current: 2A/250V/Gang
Max. Power: 600W/gang
Wireless Standard: 802.11 b/g/n & 433MHz RF
Security Mechanism: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Material: ABS V0 + Toughened Glass Panel
Gang: 1/2/3
Dimensions: 86mm*86mm*32mm
Weight: 130.0g
Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC
T433 86 Type RF Remote: 433MHz, 135.0g


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