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Arcade Zero Delay Interface Board (HCARCA0001)

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:41 pm
by admin

The zero delay interface board is designed to allow anyone wanting to build their own arcade cabinet a way to interface arcade style joysticks and buttons to a PC or RaspberryPi. It will allow connection for up to one joystick and 16 buttons (12 users selectable and 4 mode preset). A wiring loom is provided for up to 12 switch contacts with 3.5mm spade connectors and a 5 way cable for joysticks with 5 pin JST type connectors.

The interface board will connect to your PC or Rasberry Pi via a supplied USB cable and will be detected as a generic game controller without requiring any drivers to be installed. It is fully configurable via Windows preferences or via the controller setup in EmulationStation/RetroPi. Multiple interface boards are also supported so creating a two player cabinet is as simple as plugging in a second interface board.

Of course, this interface board is not just limited to retro gaming and can be used for interfacing any N/O switch contacts to your PC.



Product code: HCARCA0001
Compatible with Windows PCs and the Raspberry Pi
Zero delay encoder providing instant response gaming
No drivers required
12 x button / joystick wires
1 x 5 pin joystick loom
USB cable

Interface inputs:
1 x 5 pin or 1 x 10 pin joystick
12 x user configurable push buttons
1 x auto fire button
1 x mode clear button
1 x turbo fire button
1 x joystick mode button

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