Arcade Style 4/8 Way Micro-switched Joystick (HCSWIT0042)

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Arcade Style 4/8 Way Micro-switched Joystick (HCSWIT0042)

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A ball top arcade style 4/8 way joystick. This joystick uses 4 standard micro-switches to give a precise, hard wearing and positive tactile feel and allows for up to 8 directions to be sensed. The restrictor plate fitted to the bottom of the joystick helps protect the micro-switches from excessive force whilst providing full freedom of movement in both joystick X and Y directions. Should any of the micro-switches eventually need replacing they can be easily swapped out without the need of a screwdriver. A nylon (red) ball attached to the top of the joystick give the joystick a comfortable ergonomic feel and a solid 9mm polished metal shaft finishes of the classic arcade joystick look and feel.

For attaching the joystick to cabinet or control panel, the joystick has a square mounting plate measuring 95x60mm with 6 mounting holes for up to M4 screws/bolts. A lose dust ring at the base of the joystick helps cover the mounting hole and protect the mechanism below from lose dust or dirt.



Product code: HCSWIT0042
Joystick shaft (above mounting plate/exc ball): 35mm
Joystick shaft (above mounting plate/inc ball): 70mm
Joystich ball: 35mm
Shaft diameter: 9mm
Mounting plate: 95mm x 60mm x 1.5mm
Fixing hole size: 4.5mm
Depth of joystick (below mounting plate): 30mm (approx)

Number of micro-switches: 4
Micro-switch contact type: COM-NO

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