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DS1307 Clock - PIC Development Board + PIC16F877A

Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 6:59 am
by Anobium
This is a demonstration of a complete clock/calendar using the DS1307 RTC for the 16F877a 40 PIN Prototype board.

Install GCB! You are recommended to use GCB@SYN from the Great Cow Basic website.

There are two pushbuttons to control the clock: Mode and Set these equate to Key1 and Key2

During normal operation, the Mode button will toggle between 12- and 24-hours modes.

This has two modes US date and UK date style, change 'clocktype' to 0 for US and 1 for UK in the code to change the configuration.

To set a new date and time, press the Set button which will take you consecutively to Month, Day, Year, Day of the Week, Hour, Minute and Second. Within each of these, press Mode to cycle through the possible values. You may hold the Mode button to increment automatically, or press momentarily for a single increment. Time is always set in 24-hour clock format.

The DS1307 is attached as follows:
- I2C Data line to RC3
- I2C Clock line to RC4

The LCD is attached to the LCD Header.