Electronics Kit (HCKITS0030)

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Electronics Kit (HCKITS0030)

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This is an impressively low cost bundle of useful prototyping components. The pack consists of a range of discrete components, a breadboard and breadboard jumper cables. The bundle comes with a storage case making it great for students on the move or just as a useful collection of commonly used components. This kit includes the following items:

Kit contains:

100R resistors x 10
220R resistors x 10
330R resistors x 10
1K resistor x 10
10K resistor x 10
100K resistor x 10
4.7K resistor x 10
47K resistor x 10
100pF ceramic capacitor x 10
10nF ceramic capacitor x 10
100nF ceramic capacitor x 10
2.2pF ceramic capacitor x 10
10uF electrolytic capacitor x 10
470uF electrolytic capacitor x 10
Red LED x 10 - Vf=2.0V If=20mA
Green LED x 10 - Vf=2.0V If=20mA
Yellow LED x 10 - Vf=2.0V If=20mA
Blue LED x 10 - Vf=3.1V If=20mA
Large Blue Button x 2
Large Red Button x 2
Large Yellow Button x 2
Large Green Button x 2
10K precision adjustable potentiometer x 1
Tri-colour LED x 2 - Forward Voltage: R: 1.8 ~ 2.2, G: 3.0 ~ 3.4, B: 3.0 ~ 3.4
Active buzzer x 1 - Voltage:3.5—5.5V, Current:<25mA, Frequency:2300±500Hz
Passive buzzer x 1 - Min voltage: 1.5V, Max voltage: 5V, Coil resistance: 16 Ohms, Diameter: 12mm
40-pin single row 2.54 pitch header strip
Resistor reference guide sticker x 1
400 Point Breadboard x 1
Breadboard jumper cables (assorted lengths) x 30

Product Code: HCKITS0030

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