Hobby Components Peltier Kit (HCTHER0005)

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Hobby Components Peltier Kit (HCTHER0005)

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This is an ideal kit for experimenting with peltier devices. It contains everything required to provide sufficient thermal cooling and even includes a 12V 6A power supply! The peltier device is a thermoelectric cooling device or TEC that acts like solid state heat pump. By applying a suitable power source the peltier device will transfer heat from one surface to another resulting in one side becoming cool, and the other side becoming hot. This means that the device can be used as either a heater or cooler.
TEC1-12706 Specifications:

Model number: TEC1-12706
Voltage : 12V
Umax (V) : 15.4V
Imax (A) : 6A
QMax (W) : 92W
Internal resistance: 1.98 Ohm +/- 10%
Dimensions : 40mm x 40mm x 3.6mm
Power Cord : 350mm
HS Code: 854150

Kit contains:

1x TEC1-12706 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier device (12V 60W)
1x Large heatsink (hot side)
1x Large 12V fan (hot side)
1x Small heatsink (cold side)
1x Small fan (cold side)
1x 12V 6A switch mode power supply
1x Insulation pad
2x Thermal grease.
1x Mains cable with UK plug adapter
1x Pack of screws and bolts
1x Screwdriver

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