2 Pin JST XH-2.54 cable (HCCABL0043)

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2 Pin JST XH-2.54 cable (HCCABL0043)

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A 2 pin cable with a female JST XH-2.54 connector at one end and bare tinned wires at the other. The cable measures approximately 9cm in length and is colour coded red and black to indicate polarity (please confirm polarity matches your application before use).

Suitable for use with Hobby Components Lithium Micro Charger (HCMODU0235)

Product code: HCCABL0043
Connector type: 2 pin JST XH-2.54
Pitch: 0.1”
Cable length: ~90mm

Libraries, example code, and diagrams are provided as an additional free service by Hobby Components and are not sold as part of this product. We do no provide any guarantees or warranties as to their accuracy or fitness for purpose.

Descriptions and diagrams on this page are copyright Hobby Components Ltd and may not be reproduced without permission.

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