Double Sided Prototping PCB 4 x 6 (HCPROT0065)

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Double Sided Prototping PCB 4 x 6 (HCPROT0065)

Post by admin » Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:26 pm


Double-sided prototyping board (HCPROT0065) measuring 60mm x 40mm. Made from 1.6mm glass fiber FR4 PCB material it has a very sturdy feel. The board has a grid of drilled (1mm hole) tinned pads in a 20 x 14 grid. Pads are on both upper and lower sides allowing for soldering of components to both sides and a labeled around the edges to make positioning of components easier. Two rows of large pads at either end allow for securely soldering wires to the PCB. Finally four 2.5mm holes at each corner of the board provide a means of securing the PCB using M2 screws.

Product code: HCPROT0065
Color: Green
Dimensions: 60mm x 40mm x 1.6mm
Material: Glass fiber FR4
Hole diameter: 1.0mm
Hole pitch: 2.54mm

Suitable for experiments, electronic designing and DIY etc.

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