Stackable Case for Raspberry Pi Version 2 (HCRASP0006)

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Stackable Case for Raspberry Pi Version 2 (HCRASP0006)

Post by admin » Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:00 pm

Image shows top layer with protective backing in place.

This case is designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi version 2 and comprises of 5 pieces of acrylic in an alternating clear and opaque black design. It is simple to construct and as it has an open design, which allows required access to ports including the GPIO whilst at the same time protecting your Raspberry Pi from accidental damage or short circuits. Its low profile design is not only elegant but also allows for most types of HATs to be added to the GPIO connector.

Image shows parts with protective backing in place.

The case layers can be a little confusing at first glance. The following images show on which layer each piece should be added. The first two layers go on the underside of the Pi. The remaining three go on top of the Pi. All pieces are then attached using the screws provided. The spacers go on the very bottom and act as feet for the Pi once it's all constructed.

Some of the layers have fragile parts and so should not be forced in any way. Doing so will cause damage. All cases are inspected before they are shipped.

Product Code: HCRASP0006

The easiest way to construct the case, is by going from top to bottom, this way you can use the provided screws to hold the parts together.

Slide the screw through layers five and four.

Image Image

Now slide the screws into your Pi.

Pop on layers three, two and one.

Image Image Image

Gently screw on the four "feet" to hold all pieces together.

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