Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car Kit (HCKITS0060)

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Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car Kit (HCKITS0060)

Post by andrew » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:04 pm


The Hobby Components Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car Kit comes with everything you need to create your own robot car. Once built, the car will move around freely until, with the help of the included ultrasonic module, it senses something in it's path. It will then automatically adjust its trajectory to avoid the obstacle. We use a Nano for the brains of this kit as it has a smaller form factor than other microcontrollers, and so it sits nicely on the car chassis. Also included in the kit is a booklet that walks you through constructing the car and wiring up the electronics. Please note that some soldering is required to connect the power cables.

Each kit includes:

In-depth construction and setup booklet
Car chassis
2 x 67mm (approx.) wheels with motors
1 omni-directional Castor
Battery Box
CH340 Nano
Ultrasonic module
Electrolytic capacitor
400 point breadboard
2 lengths of cable
L9110S module
10-way male to male dupont cable
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