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Re: USBTinyISP in circuit AVR Atmel programmer (HCARDU0002)

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:36 pm
by johnsondav
Hi Everyone

Had some difficulty getting the drivers installed for this device - Windows 10 build 1709.

Thanks to Andrew, following his instructions, it now works fine using the Arduino IDE to program an A UNO board with the bootloader. Just be carefull to install the driver, yes it will fail but don’t worry. Un-plug the programmer and run the Zadig usb driver installer. Then follow the instructions given above. Not sure why this works but I have had no further problems from the programmer.

I have tested this succesfully using a number of blank chips and loading each with the bootloader directly from the Arduino IDE.

Flowcode 7 is now able to program these Uno boards with the installed bootloader installed. :D