A4982 stepper motor controller (HCMODU00126)

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A4982 stepper motor controller (HCMODU00126)

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The A4982 is an improved version of the A4988 stepstick stepper motor controller. The module uses the A4982 IC rather than the A4988. The advantage is the chip comes in a bigger package, so heat transfer and dissipation are better. his stepstick uses a 4 layer, heavy copper board which has been show to deliver good heat dissipation as shown by the stepper driver thermal tests. Unlike many other stepstick variations this one is open source hardware, the design files are available on github.


Note that this driver does not allow for 1/8 microstepping, only full, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/16. However this is not a problem in most applications where 1/16 is used as a standard. See Stepstick redesign for more detail on the design changes.

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