Hobby Components Mini Bundles - Sensors (HCSENS0027-35)

Modules for various types of sensors including accelerometers. gyro's, IR motion, etc
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Hobby Components Mini Bundles - Sensors (HCSENS0027-35)

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Our mini sensor bundles come complete with a project sheet which explains how to make the correct connections, along with the module(s) and cables you need to set up the project. All you need to add is your own development board. If you've not got a development board, we recommend the Hobby Components Uno R3 for beginners as it's the most robust of the range.

We offer the following bundles:

HCSENS0028 Capacitive Touch Sensor
HCSENS0029 Flame Detection Module
HCSENS0030 Hall Effect Sensor
HCSENS0031 Joystick Module
HCSENS0032 Laser Module (with additional LDR Module)
HCSENS0033 Light Dependent Resistor Module
HCSENS0034 Ultrasonic Module
HCSENS0035 Water Sensor Module

Please note that the cables supplied will vary in colour, just be sure to connect either end of whatever colour you're using, to the correct pin on the development board and it's corresponding pin on the module as shown in your project sheet.

The mini bundles are available here. Just select your desired bundle(s) from the list.

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