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Arcade Style 33mm Illuminated LED Button (HCSWIT0043 to 47)

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:11 am
by admin

Arcade style 33mm (bezel diameter) illuminated momentary push button with microswitch. These push buttons come with all necessary parts, including button, 5-12V LED in holder, adapter ring, retaining nut and micro-switch. They are available in white (HCSWIT0043), green (HCSWIT0044), red (HCSWIT0045), blue (HCSWIT0046) and yellow (HCSWIT0047).


Colour: White (HCSWIT0043)
Green (HCSWIT0044)
Red (HCSWIT0045)
Blue (HCSWIT0046)
Yellow (HCSWIT0047)

Body diameter: 24.25mm
Body length (inc button & microswitch): 62.5mm
Bezel diameter: 33mm
Button diameter: 25.5mm