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Arcade style 24mm push buttons (HCSWIT0048 to 54)

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:53 pm
by admin

Arcade style 24mm (body diameter) momentary push button. Fitted with removable switch give a responsive tactile feedback when pressed. The switch provides a normally open contact across two spade terminals. Body of push button includes two integrated clips for firmly securing it to the control panel without the need for screws. Available in a range of vibrant colours.



Colour: Yellow (HCSWIT0048)
Red (HCSWIT0049)
Green (HCSWIT0050)
Blue (HCSWIT0051)
Black (HCSWIT0052)
White (HCSWIT0053)
Pink (HCSWIT0054)

Body diameter: 24mm
Body length (inc button): 25.5mm
Total length (inc pins): 35mm
Bezel diameter: 27mm
Button diameter: 3.75mm