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Dupont Housing in Various sizes (HCPROT0079-83)

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:56 am
by admin

These dupont housings have a pitch of 2.54mm (standard pitch) and are available in the following sizes.

1P: HCPROT0026
2P: HCPROT0027
3P: HCPROT0028
4P: HCPROT0029
5P: HCPROT0079
6P: HCPROT0080
8P: HCPROT0081
9P: HCPROT0082
10: HCPROT0083

For suitable male and female pins please see the following items:

Male Dupont pins (HCPROT0047): ... umper-wire
Female Dupont pins (HCPROT0035): ... 54mm-pitch

We have set a minimum order level for these at 10.